A prayer for the thirteenth Sunday in ordinary time.


We know that you accept our tears as prayers,
our attention to others as intentions of caring.

But we also know that sometimes, our tears and words are not enough.

How we care about each other, how we care for each other,
matters more to you than we want to confess.

Because, we confess, we make commitments to care that are often not followed by actual caring.

Like your followers in Corinth, last year we spoke of our concern for people abused by systems, we longed to come together to help. That was last year.

We got busy.

And Paul writes to us now asking that our willingness be matched by our generosity, that our expressions of outrage at injustice be supported by our works of love for those injured.

We confess, Jesus, that we fall short of your example, being rich, becoming poor.

We confess, Jesus, that we fall short of your invitation, loving others as a way to love you.

We confess, Jesus, that we fall short of your forgiveness, condemning ourselves rather than simply starting to act.

Help us to help with whatever we have.

  • If money, with money.
  • If time, with time.
  • If audience, with audience.
  • If skill, with skill.
  • If attentiveness, with attention.
  • If relationship with you, with conversation.

Give us, I ask, the courage to move,
even if it is small movement in love of you.

We ask through Christ our Lord of love.



Reflecting on 2 Corinthians 8:7-15