The rearview mirror

Rich Dixon is reflecting on life.


I’ve been thinking about looking back.

Maybe that happens when one encounters a “0” year birthday with a big number in front of it. I hope it’s not one more old guy rambling on about the glory days.

I have a sense that following Jesus involves keeping an eye firmly on the rearview mirror.

We’re creatures of story. Scripture reveals God’s character through the story of Israel. We’re invited to find our place in God’s big story of justice and redemption.

We’re inclined to learn from people in the context of their story. It’s why Jon talks about running and I I tell you about cycling. Even the gospels open by connecting Jesus to Israel’s story.

So – what’s my point?

A while back I wrote a journal during counseling after my injury. I was a reluctant patient and a more reluctant writer. But as months passed and pain poured onto the pages, I discovered two things.

First, the jumbled tangle of fear and anger that seemed so formless and pointless looked different in retrospect. The rearview mirror revealed surprising patterns and structures.

Second, I discovered a love of writing. Slowly, gradually, years into the process, God helped a middle school math teacher realize a love for expressing himself with words.

My journal eventually became a story. I didn’t set out to write it that way, but we’re creatures of story. When I re-read hundreds of thousands of words dumped thoughtlessly onto pages over all those years, the story had been there all along.

THAT’S my point.

God was right there, at every turn, working in ways I missed at the time. In the rearview mirror I clearly saw spots where He strategically intervened.

I share my story, not because it’s special, but because it might inspire you to check out your own mirror.

He’s there. He’s been there all along.

+ + +

Next time, I hope to share a bit of what I saw when I looked back. I promise – no glory days.

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