Be strong and courageous

Back pain is not fun. I had been experiencing sharp pain in my mid-back region for about two months. Nothing traumatic brought that on – it just crept up on me.

I had been putting off doing the physical therapy exercises prescribed during previous bouts with back and neck pain. I couldn’t get up the motivation to even look through the instructions I’d saved.

Then I thought of sit-ups. For some reason, doing sit-ups sounded easier to me than just sitting down to look through my physical therapy exercises.

So I started doing sit-ups.

Within four days, my back pain dramatically decreased. It was nothing short of a breakthrough!

During a crazy week, I skipped about three days, and the pain started to come back. Alas, it was not a one-and-done fix. But 40 daily sit-ups is way better than constant back pain!

A friend recently reminded me of Joshua 1:6-9. In those few verses, God reminded Joshua three times to be strong and courageous.

So even my little step of being strong and courageous enough to do start doing daily sit-ups has made a big impact on my life.

God was the source of strength for Joshua. Call out to Him for strength to face the battle if you can’t do it yourself.

Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.