A prayer for when we are not sure we are enough.


Some days, we simply aren’t sure.
We’re not sure our contribution matters.
We’re not sure our skills are enough.
We’re not sure we’ll have what we need for the conversations and the procedures and the challenges and the uncertainty in front of us.

But we are doing work that matters.
God, we have responsibility for the care of the people in front of us. And we have the opportunity to serve everyone they, and we, are connected to.

Give us wisdom that goes beyond our training.
Give us compassion that goes beyond emotions.
Give us courage that goes beyond bravado.
Give us peace that passes understanding.
Give us today what we need for today.
Bless the work of our heads and hands and hearts.

And at the end of whatever our day is, give us rest.



From God. We Still Need You: A Year of Pandemic Prayer and Practice from a Hospital Chaplain