A prayer for the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We are jealous. We have selfish ambition.

James is right.

We don’t like those words, of course.

But when I check the number of views and likes as I have been doing for fifteen years, my heart and mind have been formed in that direction. To long for “the like”, to look at the traffic of others.

Even to keep checking ourselves against those we call and know as friends.

Maybe it is me.

Maybe it is my particular sin.

Tied to my pleasing.

Maybe it needs to end.

To stop working so hard for the sales and to work more for the service. For the helping. And for the faithfulness.

To stop worrying about the competition and start being aware of our commitment to you.

Forgive us, God, our self-absorption.

Grant us, God, a deeper desire for you.

Give us, God, your wisdom for the ways we live and for the decisions we face.

We ask through Christ our Lord,



Reflecting on today’s reading from James 3:13-4:8