A prayer for the thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time


Confidence is not the word we usually use when we come to you.

Our loved ones are dying, our plans are shattered, our future uncertain and so we come to you desperate, defeated, worried, worn, humiliated, hesitant.

All of those are words that we would use, if we could find words.

And yet, we read that we can be confident as we come to you.

I think, though, that our confidence doesn’t rest in the assurance that you will do what we want. Our confidence doesn’t depend on the healing, and needn’t falter in the dying.

We can be confident, I think, that we can actually come to you desperate, defeated, worried, and worn, and you will not shame us for our lack of confidence, in you or in ourselves. You will, instead and always, welcome us, forgive us, hear us, comfort us, guide us. And, above and beneath all, you will love us.


We are here.

Help us to live into your love.

We desire this deeply, through Christ our Lord.


What do you think?

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