A prayer for the first Sunday of Advent


This virus is doing what virus’ do.

They look for ways to stay alive.

They stay alive by clinging to us.

And in the process, they take life from our bodies and lives from our families.

They infect our relationships, our clarity of thought.

They weaken our trust in each other and our trust in you.

Or better, our trust in relationships we can have with people who have that kind of picture of you.


We are weary of uncertainty.

And when we are uncertain, we sometimes build small boxes on which to stand, boxes we label “how things are” and “how you are wrong” and “what is really going on.” We stand on the boxes and lash out.


We are longing for hope. We call it “normal” and we pursue it at almost any risk. We call it “more” and we never have enough. We call it “yesterday”, forgetting that we cannot live backward.

On this first Sunday of Advent,


help us to protect our bodies with all the means you have guided us toward.

Help us protect our relationships with all the forgiveness your death and resurrection have shown us.

Help us protect our hearts and minds with your peace that makes no sense, provided when we bring you fears and questions and uncertainty.

God, we stand best, not on our tiny boxes, but huddled close to you.