Set something down this month.

Our arms get full of carrying things. We hold onto coffee mugs, to family photos, to holiday expectations, to “number of days in a row.”

We are afraid of dropping something important. Eventually, our arms may be so full that we are unable to accept something else. Or we may be unable to gesture with freedom.

That’s the challenge. And the invitation.

Draw square on a piece of paper. In the square, the box, set something down. For the day or the week or for Advent. Literally set it in the box for a moment, or write a word or two to help you remember.

It could be a pen. Or a coffee mug. It could be a small piece of paper describing your resentment at a particular group of people. It could be a donut. It could be a stone, which reminds you of the guilt of failed expectations. It could be the todo list which has goals you now know that you are choosing to relinquish.

Go ahead.

You can pick it up at the end of the year.


From Giving The Year Meaning.