You are not perfect

I have a really old pair of shoes. I keep them by our front door and only wear them to take the trash out.

The stitching has worn out in several places. The soles are maybe the third set I had put on. I eventually decided to stop repairing them, since they still work perfectly to go back and forth to the trashcan.

We are not perfect. Only God can claim that attribute (Matthew 5:48).

But God can still use us.

I often beat myself up for how I fail. I could go on a lot longer about my shortcomings than I could about the ways I excel.

But God looks at us with love and knows that we are important to Him for doing the good things He created us for (Ephesians 2:10).

Remember that even though you may not be able to comfortably speak before a crowd of 500 people, play an instrument well, paint a beautiful painting or run rings around that coworker who does things twice as fast – you have great value in the eyes of your Creator.

You are the only person like you. God delights in your uniqueness!

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