A question as worship?

Jon is walking us through Mark’s gospel in his unique way.

Last week he described choosing the team as tensions grew. And there’s one of Jon’s trademark “throwaway” lines: Jesus picked Judas.

And that thing happened to me that so often happens – as the story moves forward, I’m left behind, stuck on this single notion.

Jesus. Picked. Judas?

I once coached basketball. A team with one reject and eleven all-time-all-universe-all-stars is still pretty good. Or maybe as a writer, I know every good story – even Jesus’ story – needs a villain and a few plot twists.

Either way, I gotta figure it out. If choosing Judas was part of Jesus’ plan, it’s my job to understand and explain every detail. Right?


What if it’s simply not possible for you and me to understand – yet – why Judas was part of the team? What if His thoughts really are higher than mine? What if we really don’t see the whole picture?

What if knowing “why” isn’t the point? What might we discover if we released our demand for an explanation?

What if Jesus wants us to just sit with the idea that He chose Judas? Rather than constructing a tortured commentary from our limited perspective based on our biases, what might happen if we listened rather than talked?

As soon as I write that, my immediate next impulse is to offer possibilities. What do I think He might tell us?

Which sort of defeats the purpose.

Maybe it’s different for you, but I mostly think Jesus ought to take my suggestions and provide clear answers. It’s hard for me to simply ponder Jesus picked Judas? as an open question.

No judgment, no expectation, just an opportunity to encounter Jesus.

As prayer. As conversation. As worship.