When the ideas are there and the reflection isn’t. Yet.

I’ve got starts of several posts, in a couple notebooks, in a couple files. Sentences and images from the last couple weeks.

I’ve got little energy to take the words and soften the edges. To move from observation to insight.

I’d love to introduce you to Clarissa Moll’s new book, Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving after Loss. It’s a practical and profound book that picks up (at least in my mind) after This is Hard.

I’d love to introduce you to a guy I think may have been Jesus in a hospital bed.

I want to unpack an instagram post from the other day, where I wrote: “You could try this” is probably more accessible to some of us than “just do this.” It honors our struggle, our agency, our history. And it lets us say thanks for the suggestion rather than feeling foolish if it isn’t as simple as “just” makes it seem. 

And point to a thoughtful conversation between Bob Goff and Steve Carter about speaking (which I was listening to on a run before I wrote the words above.)

But at the moment, I’m going to drink tea and fall asleep.

And maybe reflect in the morning.


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