We’re all looking for the words right now.

The other day, when I wrote about writing about the Lord’s prayer, my friend Caryn asked me this: “Do you know of any books that go through The Lord’s Prayer in a way like Tish Harrison Warren goes through Compline in Prayer in the Night?” (I don’t. She’s incomparable. But if you know, tell us.)

The chapel message from last Sunday unpacks the Lord’s prayer, for a few minutes, in words I’ve shared in chapel (to Nancy and whoever may watch from their beds) but not here.

The other day, I drafted a post about Peterson’s book of reflections on Jeremiah, the prophet. (It needs to move from notebook to keyboard.)

And then the other day, I realized that for nine weeks from late August on, my hospital chapel texts will include readings from Jeremiah. A chance to work more in Peterson’s book.

The other day, my friend Brian said, “are you working on a book right now?”

The other week, I knew that I wanted to write today, on this particular day, about Kathryn, on the 33rd anniversary of her birth. I started writing about grief and personality differences and how, though we say “everyone grieves differently”, we then don’t unpack that very well.

I told Brian that. And that the other week I was reminded that I want to write a collection of essays, with the first one called “Deathbed Speech Class.”

Last week, I wrote about the things I wanted to tell you about, but didn’t have the reflection space for (but I did write one of them, I wrote and then didn’t publish another one that was sounding crankier than it should, and I still need to tell you about the Moll book.)


Why this list? In part to have a post. In part to remember Kate. In part to get any feedback you may have on the Lord’s Prayer books or anything else that strikes you. And in part because, as Brian and I talked, we realized how challenging it is to concentrate at the moment. Rather than inviting strategies for focusing, it’s also worth acknowledging that the last couple years have affected most of us more than we want to know.



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  1. Hugh McDevitt

    I am not a fan of the company that Elmer Towns keeps (read into that what you will), but I have read his book “Praying the Lord’s Prayer for Spiritual Breakthrough” and found much of it to be helpful. He does take you through each bit of the Lord’s Prayer in a similar fashion to the book on Compline prayer.


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