Hawaiian Shirt?

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Pete entered my life in a rather mundane manner.

Late one night, when I finally knew I could struggle no more, God provided. But no angel appeared to anoint my guide out of darkness.

I found Pete in the yellow pages.

I didn’t think of it at the time, but later I wondered…how did I know he was the right guy? Why did I pick his ad, and why didn’t I hang up when the machine answered?

God works in the ordinary events of our lives. When I was finally ready to listen, to surrender, to reach out, He provided an answer. I don’t believe fate directed me to Pete’s recorded greeting.

A few minutes later, the phone startled me. I fumbled with the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hi, is this Rich?”


“Hi, Rich. My name is Pete. You left a message. What’s up?”

He listened for a few moments as I outlined the story, recounting the facts dispassionately in contrast to the desperation and turmoil swirling inside.

As I finished my tale, the phone was quiet. Then Pete spoke softly. “Wow. You’ve had a rough time. Sounds like we need to get together.”

+ + +

We met a couple of days later. The next character in the story of Relentless Grace, the man God sent to guide me out of the darkness,wasn’t who you might expect.

Jesus showed up as a bespeckled Jewish therapist in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals.

And I hope that image makes you smile.

I don’t recall the details of my first conversation with Pete, and or much about our weekly meetings over the next months and years. While the particulars are lost, I retain a sense that I began to emerge from the darkness.

One key detail: Pete encouraged me to begin a journal. I resisted, of course, but that changed everything.

To be continued…

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