God is so creative

God’s creativity amazes me!

my cat sitting on my lap

Oliver Kitty is about four years old. He is such a quirky cat. When he comes in from outside, he lets out a very short purr. It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Hello!”

At night, he loves to hang out in our bedroom while we watch TV – until he gets bored. Then he bothers us until we take him to his overnight lodging. (He sleeps in a small room at the back of our house. That way, he won’t bother us in the middle of the night.)

He’s an indoor/outdoor cat. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of that choice… his life might be shorter if a coyote decides to have a furry dinner. But he loves being outside, even in the snow!

His affection for me is large, in kitty terms… nothing as big as what a dog can provide, but for a cat, he is at the far end of the loving spectrum.

As you’ve guessed, that affection is mutual. It’s a delight to let him into the house in the morning. He purrs loudly and rubs back and forth against my legs.

I am in awe when I think about some of the ways God’s creativity shines through this little creature!

Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.