Love you. (and other ways to say it).

What’s the most fearlessly helpful thing I can tell you this morning?

“Love you.”

Here’s a story of how a friend said that to me.


When we started visiting Maine years ago, I tried Moxie. And am one of those people who likes it.

When we started needing masks at work (and our loved ones worried about us), my friend Rob Hatch sent me this hat and a Moxie mask. “Because I want you to be safe,” he said.

I have been.

And now, a couple years on, every time I wear the hat, I smile. People around where I live think it’s because I’ve got moxie. People who know soda brands think it’s because I have strange tastes.

But I smile because I’ve got friends who care about me.

Often, there isn’t much we can do practically to help people in hard times. But we can let them know we care. And sometimes that’s what we most need.


This first appeared in my Linkedin feed.

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