Fearlessly helpful. A phrase to lean into.

A few years ago, I wrote a phrase on my whiteboard: “Fearlessly helpful.” It was an aspiration, I think. I wanted to stop being afraid of offering help. Afraid that I was doing it wrong. Afraid that what helps that person might not help this person.

It’s a mixture of communication anxiety, over-thinking, imposter syndrome, and a bunch of other things. (The fact that I can identify the contributing causes helps explain why I need to address it.)

In the meantime, I understand that I’ve been helpful. But removing the hesitation is likely a good idea.

Moving into this year, I’ve thought about a couple phrases that could challenge and guide me. And one of them needs to be “fearlessly helpful.”


People decide to read through the Bible in a year. They think about using audio Bibles. And then we hear guys with vaguely British accents reading with formality. But not much life. (I know. I’m exaggerating. A little.) This year, Annie F Downs is reading through the Gospels every month, three chapters a day as a podcast. Annie is decidedly not a guy with a vaguely British accent. And her years of Bible study, laughing, and interviewing bring life to the words. Check it out.


I’m doing more writing at LinkedIn right now, talking about being helpful in loss (and in life). If you are a LinkedIn person, I invite you to connect there.


When I told Nancy I wanted to read more this year. She reminded me that I do read. But 15 minutes a day on purpose from a book is a good discipline for me. I started with Bonnie Kristian’s Untrustworthy: The knowledge crisis breaking our brains, polluting our politics, and corrupting Christian community. I’ll talk more about the book in the future.

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