Rolling Fork

Note from Rich Dixon: This event is a flash-forward due to last week’s storm that devastated the community of Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

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End of Week 7: I cranked out of Greenville, Mississippi on a cold, windy morning with a route and Becky’s promise to figure out our destination. I headed south into cotton country with a sheriff’s escort to the county line.

Becky arrived just in time to see the deputy pulling away. Once she realized I hadn’t been arrested, she told me she had connected with a lady named Meg.

We’d been invited to Rolling Fork.

Despite the biting north tailwind, I actually remained reasonably warm and comfortable. At about forty miles I spotted the trailer in front of a roadside store. As I rolled into the parking lot, Becky and Monte ran from the building, followed by another couple.

Becky handed me some hot soup. While I sipped and shivered, Becky asked, “Did you see the sign?” (See the photo)

Becky and Meg had arranged to meet 10 miles from Rolling Fork at a crossroads named “Grace.”

I sat on my bike and slurped chicken noodle soup. As we braced against the stinging wind, Meg introduced her husband, Bubba. I chuckled. Whatever else happened, our visit to Mississippi was complete. I got to meet a real, live “Bubba.”

Meg was arranging accommodations in Rolling Fork and a connection with the local newspaper. In the morning I was invited to speak to students at the high school. They assured us the entire town (population 2500) was excited about our visit and we’d have a great time.

And we did have a great time, in spite of the hospital.

To be continued…

+ + +

Please keep our friends from Rolling Fork in your prayers. Last week’s storms destroyed a good deal of their town. Thankfully, Meg and Bubba are OK. If you’re inclined to help, the folks at Convoy of Hope are already there doing great work.

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