Rolling Fork (Part 2)

More from Rich Dixon on Rolling Fork, MS. (Please consider his request at the end)


Last time I introduced you to our friends in Rolling Fork and left a “hospital” cliffhanger.

Only six days remained in the ride. After all those miles…a hospital?

When Meg invited us to Rolling Fork to speak to their high school students, she promised accommodations. However, none of the local motels had accessible rooms.

So, the local hospital administrator offered one of their rooms. When we arrived, we found a decorated hospital room, complete with a welcome basket full of doggie treats for Monte. They fed us like royalty (no hospital food) and I think we met most of the people in town.

They made it a great evening…even for a guy with an aversion to hospitals.

Before we leave Rolling Fork, two stories to give you a flavor of our visit.

I asked a nurse for the Wi-Fi password. She pronounced “Sharkey” County. I tried, but it didn’t work. I asked again. She spoke clearly. Still didn’t work. So I asked her to write it down.

We both laughed when I showed her what she’d written versus what I heard. Hearing “Sharkey” in her southern drawl, I was typing s-h-a-w-k-e-y.

Same country, different language!

Last time I showed you a photo of the country store where we met Meg. The owner, Mark, told us one of the great things about owning that store was nearly every day someone stopped and asked for directions to Grace.

Usually he just pointed out the correct road. Occasionally, though, “how to find Grace” led to an opportunity for deeper, more meaningful conversation. Mark loved turning a simple request for directions toward a conversation about Jesus.

It would be pretty cool to be the guy people turned to when they were looking for grace.

To be continued…

+ + +

The storms have passed, but our friends in Rolling Fork and many other communities across the South face a long road to recovery. Please keep them in your prayers. Convoy of Hope is one of many organizations providing for some of their needs.