A prayer for the second Sunday of Easter


A week ago was Easter Sunday.

We celebrated, one way or another.

And then we had this week.

In this hospital, in this community, in this world, people have been born. People have died. We read about the resurrection and the hope for the future and we struggle with the grief we’ve been party to, the change of futures we’ve seen.

We read words from Peter about trials. And Peter seems to imply and preachers have told us that we should rejoice in them, that we should be grateful.

And we wonder whether they’ve ever watched a loved one die.

We simply have a hard time connected what we read with what we live.

So we come to you, together. We hold our hands open.

And we say, “We’re not sure what to do. We’re not sure how to feel. We’re not sure about much at all.”

And we know, deep down, that you know this already.

And we hope that you aren’t offended by our uncertainty.

And we take comfort that Peter was denying and you didn’t abandon him.

You gave him hope and words and welcome.

And you won’t abandon us, either.

Help us this week, we ask,

through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on Acts 2:14a; 22-32; 1 Peter 1:3-9