About the pause.

I wrote to a friend the other day, asking if a project could be diverted to someone else. I then explained what else was happening in the next two weeks.

He understood, affirmed my understanding of our team’s priorities, of my ministry priority, of my personal priority.

It was a helpful list.

At the moment, in this pause from 300, I’m not actually resting. This week I have a memorial service, a wedding, a couple research summaries, an extra hospital shift. And a couple other things.

I could, of course, run previous posts here. But I know that some of you have similar lists for this week. Or are recovering from last week. Or are reorienting from several weeks ago. Or looking to next week. So I’m giving both of us permission to look elsewhere for a bit. To take this time to breathe.

I’ll keep sharing photos. I’ll share Rich’s post on Wednesday. I’ll store up reflections for the future. But for this week, here, I’ll keep pausing.

Thanks for understanding.

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