Who’s the fool?

The fool is anyone who ignores God. David said it first, not me.

We’re all foolish, to varying degrees and in different ways. But to live a life that’s worth living, we need to listen to God – His gentle whisper.

Life is noisy in the extreme. Messages constantly shout at us from every source to do anything but what God wants. Even when we know what God wants, we suppress that gentle whisper.

The prick of conscience telling us to do the right thing hits and we ignore it.

Is there hope?


Just say yes to that small voice, one little battle at a time.

I had a victory yesterday evening. With every fiber of my being, I wanted to pull a stick out of someone else’s eye using a small anonymous note. I knew I was right and he was wrong. I savored in advance the feeling of my little judgment bomb wreaking its destruction. And who knows – maybe he would change! Perhaps his decision to change based on my note-bomb would have a huge positive impact on others around him.

Or not.

I realized the joy of my victory would be very short-lived. And that the negative feelings my note would bring to that other guy’s heart could be much longer-lived.

Before I pulled the trigger, God gently reminded me that I am guilty of the very same wrong, only on a smaller scale. And who was I to be the one to point out the wrong? God is the judge. And he does a much better job than I.

It was a close call – I was almost the fool. And I’m sure there will be other opportunities to fight a similar battle – and hopefully win.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday.